Safe Landing at “We Make Tomorrow” Conference in London

28 Jan, 2024

Finlay, George and Todd from Safe Landing attended, facilitated and spoke at the “We Make Tomorrow” conference in London on Sunday 28th January 2024.

The Conference

The climate crisis will define politics and economics throughout this century, impacting working people in every way. From fast rising prices to food shortages, industrial change to floods and fires. The transition is underway but led by corporate interests, often at the expense of workers. Now more than ever we need to build workers’ power, to both halt industrial pollution and win a transition that is worker-led and fair.

We Make Tomorrow is a one day conference for building workers power on the climate crisis.

Organised by the Trade Union Caucus of the Climate Justice Coalition, the conference brought together workers in key sectors with trade union officials, climate justice activists and scientists to explore what climate change means for us and what we should do about it. 

We Make Tomorrow Conference – London – Main Hall

Transport Sessions

We facilitated and spoke at the plenary sessions related to decarbonising the Transport sector and Unite the Union.

The transport plenary session was titled ‘Trains, Planes and Automobiles‘. The first morning session looked at problems in the sector, followed by a second afternoon session looking at solutions.

The panel for the session included Bob Sutton (a London Underground engineer and member of RMT) who covered Trains, Todd Smith (former airline pilot and member of Safe Landing) who covered Planes, Simon Pirani (energy researcher, author of Burning Up: A Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption, and one of the organisers of the Stop the Silvertown Tunnel Coalition) who covered Road transport, and Rakhi Sehgal (part of the Just Transition and Sustainable Transport team at the International Transport Workers Federation, ITF, where she is the Just Transition Organiser).

Todd, from Safe Landing, speaks on the panel in the transport plenary session


Watch a video of Todd speaking about solutions for air transport:


Trade Union Sessions

We facilitated and spoke at  the Unite the Union plenary session at the end of the day. Mostly this included briefing Unite members in attendance about the Unite Grassroots Climate Justice Caucus within the union that some of us in Safe Landing are part of (more about our work within Unite the Union here). It also included briefing them on the model motions related to climate change and fossil fuels and Workers’ Assemblies which we are attempting to progress within the union.

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