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a group of aviation workers, looking to navigate a sustainable future for the industry

Safe Landing is a group of climate concerned aviation professionals: airline, airport, engineering, and factory workers.

We’re concerned about the current trajectory of the industry: plans for unregulated air traffic growth, and the narratives used to support it.

Due to the climate crisis, we believe that this growth is unrealistic. It presents a risk to our jobs, or employment terms, if these narratives prove to be false.

We want an industry that is sustainable: providing stable and secure jobs into the future.

We urgently need to divert onto a different flightpath, and towards a Safe Landing, that provides this certainty for workers.

Our Demands

As aviation workers, we demand that our industry leaders:

1. Be honest about the total environmental impact of flying

2. Be realistic about the limits of technology to solve this problem

3. Be transparent about future regulations required to reduce emissions

4. Have a plan that accounts for this and supports workers during any transition

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