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Future of Aviation Workshop Bristol Aviation Workers Webinar 14 March 2024

What we do

We are a group of aviation workers campaigning for long-term employment. More recently we’ve started to welcome anyone with an interest in aviation to join too. If you care about the future of flying and the planet then join us now. 

At Safe Landing we aim to:

1. Empower – aviation workers to learn about the issues, so they can question existing strategies and protect their jobs. 

2. Advocate – with trade unions for workers’ assemblies and with politicians and companies for meaningful change.

3. Educate – NGOs, policy makers and the wider public, to demystify the issues and challenge industry narratives

"Being a Safe Lander member has helped me understand the complex challenges aviation faces and empowered me to have more conversations with colleagues about the issues. I'm so glad I joined."

Safe Landing Member Benefits

We can’t do this without your support – from signing petitions & sharing campaigns, to amplifying our messages as widely as possible – there’s something everyone can do!

With our monthly newsletter and regular techie blog posts we’ve got all the issues covered – broken down into easy to understand chunks. (And highly shareable with your own groups!)

Through our regular online meetings, group channels and special events

We have members from across the industry, some are very active and campaign lots, and plenty like to watch from afar and just keep up to date through our newsletter and social media. However much you want (or don’t want) to get involved you are most welcome to join!

Our theory of change

Workers' Assemblies

Workers’ Assemblies are like citizens assemblies but for workers… They’re a revolutionary way to empower workers on complex issues, and put them at the heart of decision making.


Common Misconceptions

No! We expect flying will always continue in some form. What we are challenging is excessive or unsustainable growth. 

Not at all. Safe Landing is made up of Air-trafficers, Pilots, cabin crew, engineers and more, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done – now we want to be proud of the future we’re working towards!

UK aviation now has less jobs than it did in 2007. And wages falling faster than any other sector. So who does growth benefit, if not the workforce?

On the contrary, aviation tax and regulation has the potential to be environmental policy that is progressive rather than regressive.

Sian Andrews
Air Traffic Control
An advocate within the industry for sustainable practices to reduce emissions and environmental impact.
Matt Thomason
Engineer, Future Engine Design

Designer at Rolls-Royce and head of their Employee Sustainability Group.

Michael Wanjuzi Makongo
Civil Aviation Authority, Uganda

Proponent of workers’ assemblies for the good of our planet and aviation workers.

Captain Jeff Joslin
Commercial Pilot (Ret'd)
As an airline bankruptcy survivor, Jeff believes it’s critical that employees have a voice in their future.

News & updates:

Safe Landing at the Corporate Jet Investor’s conference

Safe Landing at the Corporate Jet Investor’s conference

Todd Smith, former airline pilot and now community member of Safe Landing, addressed an audience at the Corporate Jet Investor‘s conference on Park Lane…

“Flightplan” for 2024

“Flightplan” for 2024

A summary of our first group zoom call of the year on 25th January 2024, which discussed our strategy for the year ahead and…

Safe Landing at Farnborough Airport Protest

Safe Landing at Farnborough Airport Protest

Safe Landing community joins a protest against Farnborough Airport private jet expansion and in favour of an Aviation Workers' Assembly on climate.

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