Talk: Aviation Workers Demand Industry to Reject Dangerous Growth

9 May, 2023

Finlay Asher of Safe Landing gave this talk on 4th May 2023 as part of the “Aero Lectures” series organised by the HAW University in Hamburg in cooperation with DGLR, Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), ZAL and VDI. He covered the need for aviation decarbonisation, the issues with various technological and policy options, and what Safe Landing’s positive view of the future for air travel is. He also covered how we think we can achieve it (worker-led movements and Aviation Workers’ Assemblies). View the recording of the talk here (via our Youtube channel):


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Safe Landing at TUC Congress 2023

Safe Landing members attended the 2023 TUC Congress (10-13 September, Liverpool) as visitors. We discussed climate, transport and collective action!