From easyJet pilot to Just Stop Oil: Is this the UK’s most radical career change?

20 May, 2023

This article within the Big Issue, about Safe Landing member George can be viewed here:

“The flying itself was incredible. The views were unbelievable, the freedom. I guess to an extent the social status of it as well,” he says.

“It was a little inconvenient but I truly believed that the airline industry was doing everything that it could and I really bought into the idea of when my airline said ‘we offset 100 per cent of our emissions’ I thought, ‘oh great, aviation is carbon neutral already’.”

When the pandemic struck and flights were grounded, George was off work for a year, in which time he started to research offsetting and the climate crisis, and talking to others.

“My illusion of green aviation shattered pretty quickly”, he said.

After the pandemic, he returned to work but found something had changed. He started speaking up about the climate, challenging his bosses, and working within his union to bring about a Workers’ Assembly.

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