Workers’ Assemblies: Unite the Union Policy Conference – Fringe Event

10 Jul, 2023

Our organisation, Safe Landing, campaigns for workers to be at the controls when steering the transition to low-carbon air travel. We advocate for Workers’ Assemblies, a form of deliberative democracy, to work out the changes needed across aviation – and other high-carbon sectors:

Workers’ Assemblies are a way of empowering workers to utilise their expertise to develop sustainable visions for the future of their industries. They can enable us to design secure jobs through policies aligned with climate science, independently of the short-term, profit-driven thinking of business leaders. Join us to discuss the opportunities, the challenges, and how they can best work to feed into the democratic structures of the union. Free food served from 1pm!



  • Wednesday 12th July: 1.15pm-2.15pm
  • Brighton, Old Ship Hotel, Gresham Room
  • FREE LUNCH: first come, first served
  • Room open from 1pm
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