Trade union and other reports on jobs and the future of aviation

7 Nov, 2023

A selection of publications from trade unions and other organisations on just transition in aviation:

‘A Zero-Carbon Future for the Aviation Sector’ (report from International Transport Workers’ Federation, 2022)

‘Landing Desirable Jobs: The Sustainable Aviation Vision of the European Transport Workers’ Federation’ (report from European Transport Workers’ Federation, 2022)

‘Aviation democracy: the case for public ownership of the aviation sector to protect jobs and to protect the planet’ (pamphlet from civil service – including aviation – union PCS, 2021)

‘A Green New Deal for Gatwick: an urgent call for jobs investment in response to Covid-19’ (report from PCS, Green New Deal UK and Green House, 2020)

‘Protecting jobs, protecting the planet: civil aviation, climate change and environmental policies’ (report from PCS, 2013)

‘Who says there is no alternative? An assessment of the potential of rail to cut air travel’ (report from rail and transport union RMT, 2008)


‘The Right Track for Green Jobs’ (report from climate-action group Possible, 2022)

COVID crisis confirms need to start transition of aviation jobs to green sectors‘ (report by Transport & Environment, 2022)

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