Safe Landing is made up of people like you. We are a group of both aviation workers and people who care about flying and the planet. We work together campaigning for long-term employment.

We do this by challenging industry leaders to conform with climate science and reject dangerous growth.

We demand that industry leaders:

1. Be honest about the total environmental impact of flying

2. Be realistic about the limits of technology to solve this problem

3. Be transparent about future regulations required to reduce emissions

4. Have a plan that accounts for this and supports workers during any transition

The real risk to aviation jobs is blowing our carbon budget

Current unchecked growth of the industry poses a threat to job security. If we blow our global carbon budget for a safe level of global warming within the next decade, as projected, then we may have to stop flying completely.

If we act now we can transform the industry to secure a safe future for workers”

A just transition of aviation has the potential to bring about a revolution in how we travel that will not only make flying fit-for-the-future, but could also increase employment per passenger.

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As workers we need to recognise that our industry leaders have short-term interests and are not acting in accordance with climate science.

We need to develop an independent worker-led vision of the future for aviation.

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