Todd on GB News debating Private Jets

20 Nov, 2023

👨‍✈️ Safe Landing member, Todd Smith, appeared on GB News last week to discuss whether it’s time to ban private jets:

Todd had this to say following the interview:

“My delivery was not particularly polished and I never enjoy going on GB News but this was certainly not my planned vocation.

I hope I was at least able to represent some of the democratic recommendations via various climate assembly processes that have already occurred and have been ignored.

As well as put across the perspective of aviation workers who are looking for stability in their long-term careers and instead are being pushed with increasing velocity towards the preverbal cliff edge as our ‘carbon budget’ is rapidly running out.

That said, it’s fairly rare that the presenter and the person who is supposed to oppose you are all nodding in agreement, especially given the inherently divisive nature of mainstream media.

It’s a no brainer surely?”



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