Safe Landing criticises EasyJet’s “re-usable cup” greenwash campaign

21 Dec, 2023

CAMPAIGNERS hit out today at EasyJet’s decision to splurge £15.7 billion on planes to expand its operations.

The costly order came shortly after the airline upped its greenwashing antics, announcing plans to provide 14,000 crew members with reusable cups as part of its “net zero” commitments.

​​Activists branded the campaign a “joke,” with EasyJet’s shopping spree showing little dedication to reducing the main source of its emissions.

Shareholders approved the purchase of 157 A320neo planes on Tuesday, with an option to add 100 more.

EasyJet chief executive Johan Lundgren said that the acquisitions would foster “disciplined growth,” indicating that the airline plans to expand operations with even more flights.

The airline sought to justify its decision by claiming that the aircraft would deliver a “13 per cent to 30 per cent” improvement in fuel efficiency.

Extinction Rebellion activist and former airline pilot Todd Smith said:

“EasyJet surely win the award for airline greenwash of 2023. It’s a joke to highlight a switch to reusable cutlery as evidence they are on a path to net zero.

“The vast majority of EasyJet’s huge environmental impact is caused by the emissions from their aircraft engines.”

He accused EasyJet of having “no serious plans” to reduce air traffic at the rate required to avert climate catastrophe.

Finlay Asher of Safe Landing, which campaigns for environmentally sustainable aviation, said:

“EasyJet plan to purchase hundreds of new aircraft over the next vital decade for humanity.

“The increase in emissions from these additional flights will quickly wipe out any efficiency improvements gained from the new aircraft.

“Climate disaster and likely enforced limits on flying could then leave EasyJet with billions of stranded assets on their hands, excess aircraft that are unable to fly, with aviation workers paying the ultimate price in terms of jobs cuts.”

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