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22 Aug, 2023

– Are you an aviation worker who cares about sustainability?
– Ever struggled at work when talking about the climate crisis?

How to have better climate conversations:

Sign up for our free online workshop where we’ll learn top tips and tactics for how to have more productive climate change conversations with our colleagues at work. Nicknamed “Climate Convos in the Cabin,” this bespoke workshop for aviation workers only will be run by the experts from Climate Outreach.

Following on from the huge success of our previous workshop, we’re pleased to say part 2 is here.

We’ve got some funding and that means we can pay the experts over at Climate Outreach to come and share a full hour and a half of their research-driven tips for how to have productive conversations about climate change at work. (Though the lessons learned work just as well on friends and family…!)

It doesn’t matter whether or not you were at the first session – the next is designed for both newcomers and those who attended the first session.

We’ll be joined by Luisa Melloh from Climate Outreach. She’s putting together a bespoke hour and a half workshop geared specifically for people who work, or are interested in aviation. She did an intro talk for fifteen minutes in our first session which was brilliant so we’re happy to have her back. She’ll also be building on all the feedback from the first session so this should be a really well-targeted second event.


Check-in: introduction to the session. Icebreaker (15min)

Climate Outreach: how to have climate conversations (30 min)

Breakout rooms: each room works on a chosen topic (15min)

Report back: feedback on discussions to the group and more workshopping (25min)

Conclusion: Thank you for coming/what’s next (5 mins)

The aim:

Building on the knowledge and experiences you bring to the session, we hope to share Luisa’s expert guidance as one of the upcoming sections of our very own “Tools for Change” toolkit, providing advice and guidance on how you can play a more effective role in helping to protect our planet, and the future of aviation.

The session will also be a good chance to share any of your frustrations too – it’s not always easy talking about climate at work!

Session guidelines & inclusivity

All Safe Landing sessions are built on a foundation of respect and open-minded curiosity. With that in mind our sessions are as inclusive as we can possibly make them; if you work, or used-to work in aviation and want to be part of the discussions on how to have climate conversations – then you are most welcome to join.

If you have any questions about the session, or if there’s anything we can do to help make it easier for you to come along, please do contact us. You can reach Tom, one of the team’s organisers directly at: [email protected]

Climate Outreach's Theory of Change:

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