"Future of Aviation" Workshop in Bristol

In order to demonstrate the concept of Aviation Workers’ Assemblies, we commissioned a first of its kind workshop in Bristol which was independently facilitated by Involve. Participants included a range of aviation workers from a variety of aerospace companies and aviation students in Bristol. 

The aim of the workshop was to demonstrate the application of deliberative democratic processes to workers in a high-carbon sector such as aviation.

It was performed in Bristol, at the Aerospace Bristol museum, and in close proximity to various aerospace factories and design offices including Airbus, GKN, Rolls-Royce, Boeing and Vertical Aerospace. The University of Bristol also features a prominent aviation department.

The three hour workshop was held on the evening of Friday 10th November 2023, to ensure ease of attendance after work. Workshop participants were down-selected from a range of applicants, to ensure a diverse mixture of aviation workers and students – to demonstrate the approach of ‘Sortition’ commonly used for Citizens’ Assemblies and to ensure a representative mix of participants. Participants were offered £50 to attend. 

The workshop format was designed with input from an ‘Advisory Group’ consisting of industry, institute (Royal Aeronautical Society) and academic professionals.

Participants were grouped into tables and initially discussed the range of challenges and opportunities facing aviation over the next 15 years . They then heard from various expert speakers (selected by the Advisory Group) who covered their perspective on key topics identified during the first session, followed by a Q&A. The final session involved participants returning to their tables to deliberate on the key challenges and questions they would like to see included in a more in-depth “Workers’ Assembly” on the future of the aviation sector.

If you’d like to find out more or discuss how you can contribute to progressing the concept of Workers’ Assemblies within your region/sector/union etc., please get in contact.

Learn about our first deliberative workshop for aviation workers in Bristol

On Thursday March 14th 2024 Safe Landing organised a webinar to learn about: 

– The concept of Workers’ Assemblies
– Why the aviation sector is a perfect testing ground for this approach
– Why we commissioned this workshop in Bristol
– How the workshop was scoped, developed and formatted
– How aviation worker participants were invited and selected
– The results from the workshop
– Next steps and how to get involved

What are the next steps?

We want to collaborate with trade unions, government and industry institutions to deliver this at a larger scale.

Next: a fuller, multi-day process commissioned by decision makers.

Our group is actively talking to a number of aviation-related trade unions about scoping an Aviation Workers’ Assembly, and also to other high-carbon sectors. We need help to champion this idea!

Want to get involved?

If you are in a Trade Union:
– We have resources: model motions and packs for use.
– Send our draft motion calling for a Workers Assembly to your union branch.
– We can join branch/committee meetings as a guest speakers if useful.

If you are in an industry institution:
– You are the custodians of knowledge and longevity of our industries
– Well-placed to help scope assemblies and select speakers.
– Well-placed to help advocate for this at various levels.
– Please get in touch if you are interested in supporting deliberative democracy in your sector!
– Please also get in touch if you’re interested in covering this at an industry/institution event or within your newsletter/magazine.

If you are an expert or practitioner in Deliberative Democracy:
– Talk to us about how to develop the process – research etc.
– Let us know about relevant opportunities/funding.

If you are an aviation worker:
– Join the Safe Landing community to get involved in furthering our goal of getting an industry-wide Workers Assembly.

More information can be found at the website of Involve.