Turbulence Ahead: Climate Threats Impacting the Aviation Industry

15 Jun, 2023

Safe Landing member and aerospace engineer, Finlay Asher, joins Professor Paul Williams of Reading University on BBC Radio Scotland:

We discuss increasing turbulence for airlines caused by man-made global warming from the burning of fossil fuels. Turbulence is a safety concern for cabin crew who are most likely to experience turbulence whilst on their feet in the cabin and not seat belted in.

This is amongst other climate impacts directly affecting the aviation industry such as:

  • Rising sea levels (due to arctic and glacier melt) and storms flooding airports
  • Heatwaves preventing aircraft taking off
  • Global warming making take-off more difficult in general and causing reduced passenger and cargo carrying capacity.
  • Increased temperatures causing increased engine degradation and engine noise
  • Many tourist destinations becoming unvisitable due to unlivable temperatures, destruction of wildlife habitats due to e.g. wildfires and coral reef bleaching, loss of beaches, drought, food and water scarcity etc.
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