Safe Landing attends panel discussion on sustainability in education at Rotterdam Airport

26 Jun, 2024

On behalf of Safe Landing, Maxine attended a panel discussion on 26th June at an aviation vocational college at Rotterdam Airport to explore the theme of greenwashing and sustainability in education. The central question was: what should students learn about sustainability in the aviation sector?

The lunchtime talk was organised by Eric Stam, a teacher and fossil advertising hunter, who invited colleagues and sustainability leaders from two Dutch aviation vocational colleges. The event focused on the integration of sustainability into aviation education and how educational institutions can take a pioneering role in fostering awareness and encouraging sustainable practices among students.

Hiske Arts is standing in front of a presentation about the lawsuit against KLM

Hiske Arts from Fossilfree NL delivered a compelling presentation about their recent victory in the lawsuit against KLM, where KLM was challenged for making misleading sustainability claims and greenwashing. She kicked off the panel discussion by questioning the necessity of equipping aviation academy students with knowledge about the climate impacts of the industry.

Maxine highlighted both the challenges and opportunities for a sustainable aviation sector, achieved through early design rather than late disaster. She emphasised the critical importance of incorporating sustainability into the education of the next generation of aviation workers.

The event provided a valuable platform for discussions and prompted reflection on the role educational institutions can play in promoting a sustainable future.

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