Challenge your own company internally

Every employee has a right to challenge their company’s strategy, and this includes sustainability. At Safe Landing many of our members have extensive experience in challenging their company internally – whether through the creation of a sustainability group, or through conversations with managers and colleagues.

If campaigning within your company is something you’d like to explore please do contact us (and sign-up) so that we can arrange a chat where we can help give you guidance from our own experience.

We may even have members already in your company who we can link you with to form your own group!

Contact us now for a discreet chat – either through our email: [email protected] or through our social media to discuss further.

You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Safe Landing Member Benefits

Support from our growing group of members is¬† crucial to everything we do. From signing petitions & sharing campaigns, to amplifying our messages as widely as possible – there’s something everyone can do!

With our monthly newsletter and regular blog posts we’ve got all the issues covered – broken down into easy to understand chunks. (And highly shareable with your own groups!)

Through our regular online meetings, group channels and special events

We have members from across the world, united by their passion for aviation and protecting our planet. Some are active campaigners, but plenty like to watch from afar and just keep up to date through our newsletter and social media. However much you want (or don’t want) to get involved you are most welcome to join us.