Lunch & Learn: Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs)

13 Jun, 2024

Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs) can also be called: ‘Carbon Capture & Storage’ (CCS), ‘Carbon Dioxide Removal’ (CDR), ‘Greenhouse Gas Removal’ (GGR) or ‘Engineered Removals’.

NETs refers to industrial processes (rather than natural processes such as tree growth) which actively remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere by capturing and storing it, supposedly permanently. 

The technologies usually proposed are:

Direct Air Carbon Capture & Storage (DACCS) – capturing CO2 directly from the atmosphere via industrial processes and storing it underground.

Bioenergy with Carbon Capture & Storage (BECCS) – producing energy from biomass, then storing part of the resulting carbon underground or in the soil.

Watch the recording of our ‘Lunch & Learn’ session from 13th June 2024, where Finlay from Safe Landing takes the audience through our draft position on NETs. The half-hour discussion which followed the presentation wasn’t recorded, but was lively and useful, and has already been used to update our draft position which can be viewed here.

The slide pack from the presentation can be found here.

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