Join our free workshop: Learn how to improve the co2 impact of your money

The best way of saving the planet? Your savings.

Your current account and pension could be having double the carbon impact of going vegan, never flying on holiday again (on a full-fare ticket…) and choosing the bike over the car, COMBINED…

Join fellow aviation workers and people interested in flying for a workshop with Dan, the CEO and founder of Mothertree, where he’ll take us through workable actions we can all take to significantly reduce our co2 impact.

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A bit about MotherTree

Our mission at MotherTree is to make it effortless for you to choose greener options in life.

We believe that if enough of us do this, we can collectively drive economies of scale, bringing down the costs to make green options the default, and ultimately create a healthier planet for all.

As individuals, we were shocked when we took a close look at how our pension providers and banks were investing our money. Fortunately, we found that switching to align our investments to our personal values was much easier than we thought.

Often, we don’t find the time to research the impact of our choices, and that’s why we created MotherTree. Our free money carbon calculator makes it quick and easy to become aware of the impact of your savings & investments and switch to greener providers.


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