“Flightplan” for 2024

5 Feb, 2024

2024 ‘Flightplan’ Zoom 

Our first Community Zoom Call of 2024!

On Thursday, 25th January, the Safe Landing community launched 2024 with an online meeting to showcase our 2023 achievements and outline our “flightplan” for 2024. To facilitate interaction, we organized several breakout groups to gather feedback on our campaigns. Both familiar and new faces seized the opportunity to share their thoughts on Safe Landing—what they love, what they would change, and how they want to contribute this year. 

Each breakout session is summarised below:

💚 One thing you love about Safe Landing

  1. Connection between aviation workers and aviation users.
  2. Our name – “Safe Landing”.
  3. That the community is inside and outside the industry.
  4. There is a lot of environmental pressure to reduce flying, but seems to be resisted by the industry and workers. Good that we are providing a positive angle for and from workers.
  5. It’s a unique space for aviation workers to come together and share their concerns about the trajectory of aviation and their careers whilst also empowering people to take positive action.
  6. The focus on workers assemblies. Foresight of asking for a just transition, coming from the workers themselves.

📈 One thing you would change about Safe Landing:

  1. Not clear what it means to be a member.
  2. Don’t be judgmental of different people at different parts of their ‘sustainability’ journey – take on all new members with kindness – meet them where they are.
  3. Continue to grow, there is more strength on a bigger group. Diversity across the industry is useful.
  4. Increase member participation.
  5. Be more direct in demanding an Upstream carbon pollution tax.
  6. Focus on limits on the super rich, the aristocracy, the frequent flyers.
  7. More info on so-called “Sustainable” Aviation Fuels.
  8. How can someone be more engaged with climate aviation activism and influence policy?

❓Are we focusing on the right things? If not, what should we focus on?

  1. Make it clearer how to get involved.
  2. Focus on sustainability as a job growing process not a job ending path.
  3. Some conflict e.g. going to a protest, talking to unions – how do we keep the narrative and ensure that each action feeds into one cohesive understanding?
  4. Combine groups with similar interests: Superaero Decarbo, AeroDelft. e.g. Could we focus more on students who have more to lose in their long term careers?
  5. Counter greenwashing tactics of airports and airlines.
  6. You are engaging in a positive way and the idea of proposing what a “perfect airline” looks like is great.

⏩ What happens now?

All these ideas and feedback will be incorporated into our work moving forward (our Flightplan) and shape how this campaign evolves. As a result of your feedback, we will be:

✅ Improving our website to make it clearer who we are and our purpose.

✅ Making it clearer how to get involved.

✅ Running a visioning workshop on what you want the airlines of the future to look like.

However, this is not the end! Feedback is an ongoing process and we want as many people to have a voice as possible, so keep an eye out for our upcoming Community Zooms:

📅 Lunchtime Community Check-In: Thu 15th Feb 12:00 GMT

📅 Evening Community Check-In: Thu 29th Feb 19:00 GMT

Would you like to join the Safe Landing community?

Join our Telegram Broadcast or contact us directly at [email protected] to express your interest in getting involved.

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