Routes to taking action within aviation...

From signing petitions & sharing our campaigns on your social media – there’s something everyone can do! We even offer spokesperson training, and welcome anonymous blogs if there’s an issue you’d like to share confidentiality.

Within your company, at industry events, by talking to your local politician, or even through discussing climate and work issues with your trade union… Safe Landing provides help with all of these and more.

With our monthly newsletter, regular blog posts, and social media, we’ve got all the complex issues covered – broken down into easy to understand chunks – and highly shareable with your own groups!

You have unique and invaluable expertise that can help protect the future of our planet and the future of our jobs. Through Safe Landing, members help contribute to government and industry consultations, and attend crucial industry workshops. Think we’re missing something? Then teach us too – we’re always open to new ideas and welcome member input.

Safe Landing members undertake a wide range of work to protect the long term future of our industry. As aviation workers we know the work people are interested in doing will vary depending on their role, interests, plans for the future and much more. To that end we work with every one of our members to help them with whatever change they want to make.

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Here are some examples of what Safe Landing members are working on:

Gina, Crew
Reducing waste...

Many Safe Landing members are flight crew or cabin crew, and they see the waste and pollution every day – sign our petition now

Finlay, Engineer
Improving air quality...

Finlay has been preparing motions to clean up jet fuel – a process with significant health impacts for airport workers and the climate. Learn more and submit to your union!

Sian, ATC
Reducing contrails...

An advocate within the industry for sustainable practices to reduce emissions and environmental impact. Sian, along with some of our flight crew has been campaigning to reduce contrails. Learn more and get involved

Matt, Engineer
Challenging company plans...

It is important that we challenge our own companies sustainability plans. Safe Landing members now have sustainability groups in a number of companies – click here for advice on starting your own.

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