Farnborough Airport FACC – Safe Landing Presentation

22 Jun, 2023

Today, we were invited to present the Farnborough Aerodrome Consultative Committee (FACC), which takes place at the offices of Hart District Council in Fleet, Hampshire, close to Farnborough Airport.


Consultative Committees act as ‘a Critical Friend to the Airport’ and are a forum for airport operators to engage with various groups from civil society: residents groups, environmental groups, noise action groups and councillors etc.

Safe Landing had been recommended to present to the committee about the challenges we see with the UK aviation sustainability strategy, aviation decarbonisation in general and an aviation worker view of a truly sustainable future for aviation.

We were keen to provide a critical view and reality check of some of the sustainability plans of Farnborough Airport (and the wider aviation industry), but also to plot a logical and positive path through this towards a truly sustainably future for Farnborough and the region. We are firmly of the belief that rapid climate action is good for the planet, people, but also for the aviation industry and its workers.

We presented our usual overview of industry greenwash and the reality that technology alone cannot decarbonise aviation in the necessary timescales.

Farnborough Airport itself is one of the largest and busiest private jet airports in Europe. We presented our view on private jets, which we’ve written an extensive blog about here: https://safe-landing.org/private-jets-climate-crisis/

Our general message to the airport and to the council was to move away from private jets powered by kerosene or SAF, to electric or hydrogen aircraft (hydrogen more likely) for commercial passenger operations – which would be more “regional” sized aircraft e.g. flying within 1000km with fewer than 20 passengers if electric, and within 2000km with 20-50 passengers if hydrogen.

As London Airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick will have limited slot availability on their runways and will have the wrong sort of airport gate and terminal layout to cater for significant amounts of such aircraft, Farnborough does have the potential to act as a regional hub for this. Here is a concluding slide:

Farnborough Advice


The full slide pack can be viewed here (this contains additional slides hidden during the meeting as we only had 30 mins for presentation plus discussion and we had to rush it).

If anybody at Farnborough Airport, the FACC, Hart District Council, or other regions/airports/councils would like to discuss these views in more detail, please contact us at: [email protected]

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