Bumpy Landing: Extreme Weather Heathrow

29 Dec, 2023


This may seem like fun but for me, this is no laughing matter. We are just at the beginning of climate and ecological breakdown. Cairns Airport in Australia was under water from flooding a couple of weeks ago and wildfires rampaged around Greek airports in the summer heatwaves.

Said Todd Smith Former Pilot and Safe Landing member who was interviewed on BBC World Radio,

Unless we recognise that extreme weather events are here to stay and they pose a serious threat to both  safety and long-term job security then we are simply burying our heads in the sand and ignoring the elephant in the room.

The same storm this aircraft is seen landing in also caused a tornado in Manchester, England that ripped through a house. As aviation workers, we must unify now more than ever to ensure the longevity of our sector as board members and politicians seem to be intent on prioritising profit over common sense.

More information on how severe weather is impacting our sector can be found in our previous blog post here.



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