BBC Interview with Safe Landing Member Njigina

8 Aug, 2023

Njigina is a former flight attendant who left her job due to climate concerns. She has supported Safe Landing since not long after we started. It’s a brilliant interview and a must listen!

Coming from the global south, it affected me even more… Unless something is directly affecting you it’s very difficult for people to actually deeply connect with something.

Njigina back in her crew days

They lost everything they’d worked hard for. Everyone you know, you’re seeing their lives completely falling apart.

…on the effect of the East African locust swarm in 2020, which had a devastating impact on the local communities where Gina grew up. Read the news report here

Desert locusts over grazing land in Lemasulani village, Samburu county, Kenya

I feel much more whole, I’m doing something with my life that’s actually bringing good, rather than contributing to the destruction of our beautiful planet.

Njigina is now retraining as a counsellor and working with young people and their mental health – good luck from everyone at Safe Landing, and well done for speaking out, your bravery inspires us all.

To listen to the full episode on BBC sounds click here


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