Our theory of change

Workers' Assemblies

Workers’ Assemblies are like citizens assemblies but for workers… They’re a innovative way to empower workers on complex issues, and put them at the heart of decision making.

We are advocating for Workers’ Assemblies within Trade Unions. There can be no climate justice without worker justice. And there will be no worker justice without listening to the voice of workers. Workers need to be consulted, and a transition will ideally be worker-led and centred.

Safe Landing’s opinion is that for a Just Transition, we need Workers’ AssembliesWe believe that the low-carbon transition plans of high-carbon sectors should be worker-led, rather than left to business leaders. Industry-wide Workers’ Assemblies could empower workers to develop an independent vision for the future of aviation.

"Future of Aviation" Workshop in Bristol

In order to demonstrate the concept of Aviation Workers’ Assemblies, we applied for grant funding to commission a first of its kind workshop in Bristol which was independently facilitated by Involve. Participants included a range of aviation professionals from a variety of aerospace companies and aviation students in Bristol. 

Participants heard from expert speakers from Airbus, AEF, and the Climate Change Committee and took part in a variety of interactive exercises. We ran a webinar to share the results and outline where we’d like to take this next.